Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Week 3 Thing #6 & #7

I played with a bunch of Flickr mashups last Friday.
I looked at:

Flickrslidr.com -- makes a slideshow of selected pictures, sets or groups

PictoBrowser -- allows display of flickr pics on a site or blog.

Mosaica -- creates a screensaver with your flickr pictures that morphs into a changing mosaic.

PrintrKillr -- is supposed to create instant calendars or playing cards, but couldn't locate my flickr acct.

FlickrPostcard Browser -- This app finds pictures by tags, and puts them up one-at-a-time on a black background. Reminds me of an old time photo album. Maybe my favorite of all those I played with.

I also played around with Trading Card Maker. I used one of the picture of Sarah and her friends and made it into a playing card. It was very cool. I was trying to make one of myself using my Yahoo avatar, but couldn't quite get everything to work correctly.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Week 3 #5

I played around on Flickr yesterday and uploaded some pictures of Sarah at college into my account. I made it private because it's only for our family and friends, and I can add them as they create accounts. It was suprisingly easy to use, and I was amazed how simple it was to upload pictures. I'm going to send the photos from our different summer trips up here, then they will be easy to share with friends. Actually, if we had our laptop and internet access on vacation, we could unload the camera to this site, instead of buying lots of memory cards. I'm probably the last one to think of this, but hey, at least I'm moving forward. I think there are also simple options for printing, too.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Week 2, Things #3 and #4

Well..I am moving along at a brisk pace and finished these two steps today. I still need to make an avatar, but our computers here at work are just waaaaay to slow, so I'll do it later at home and post it.

Week 1, Things #1 and #2

I did these two things yesterday afternoon. I looked at the Lifelong Learners tutorial again and really appreciated the time that Lori Reed put in on making this.

For me, the most hardest habit to learn will be to see problems as challenges. Intellectually, I know this is true, but I tend to get bogged down by them, and get snarky and negative to boot. If I can work on this, it will impact many areas of my life, lifelong learning being a bonus.

The easiest habit is having confidence in myself as a competent, effective learner. I have always been a very good student, mostly due to my willingness to work as long and hard as I need to. What I need to be careful about is expecting projects to be perfect before sending them out. This can be OK, but I read an article recently where one of the librarian's goals was to "let projects start" even before they were perfect, and just continually improve them. I really liked that concept and will try to find the article to quote in here to remind myself.
It seems that every library organization around has set up a Web 2.0 exploration program based on the PLCMC's Learning 2.0 program. Life the overachiever that I strive to be, I am the CSLA and InfoPeople's versions. I suspect that they are all fairly similar, and I am excited about learning more about the new web technologies and how they can enhance libraries and their interactions with their patrons.